Cinch Supports Local Causes

Neighbors use Cinch regularly to shop at local businesses.

Every time they do - we make a donation on their behalf.

Cinch’s mission is to reinvigorate local neighborhoods. As part of our ongoing partnership with the local neighborhoods we work in, we launched Cinch Causes, our sustainable giving program.

How Cinch Causes works

Cinch Causes enables neighbors who are a part of their neighborhood’s app. to support a charitable organization or cause at no cost to them. Every time a neighbor on Cinch’s network uses Cinch, we’ll donate a portion of the transaction to the selected charitable organization.

For charitable organizations

If you’re part of a charitable organization or cause, we’re always looking to add new organizations to our growing roster of causes.
As a member of Cinch Causes, you can:

How to become a part of Cinch Causes

Any 501(c)(3) organization or educational entity (either private or public) that has been granted tax-exempt status from the IRS can apply for Cinch Causes.

Cinch users may also nominate an organization for consideration.

If you have any additional questions Contact Cinch