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Cinch is growing rapidly! This growth provides you with a great opportunity to lead your neighborhood into a better economic future and create your own lucrative business.

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How does it work?

Are you passionate about supporting local businesses and nurturing your community? If so, then come work with us to empower your community by strengthening the local economy.

As a Cinch Community Manager, you'll introduce the Cinch Mobile Wallet to your neighborhood. In return, you'll earn a portion of Cinch's profits while you grow and manage your network of users, super users and business owners.

How do I make money with Cinch?

Everyone wins by growing the local community
The best thing about Cinch's community manager program is the financial structure behind it. Through a smart revenue sharing system, you will be able to turn a profit by growing your community, identifying new users and helping them become super users. It's a very simple profit structure that we will explain in greater detail before you come on board.

What are the benefits?

Significant impact-driven, managerial role
Educate, train and manage users, super users and local business owners.

Lead community empowerment
Influence, empower and grow your local community.

Contribute to local economies
Promote local businesses and help them grow.

Flexible role with future growth opportunities
Entrepreneurial work with flexible hours. A place to initiate and contribute ideas. Annual promotion/bonus opportunities.

All ages, races and genders are welcome
The desire to grow your community comes with no restrictions. Students, stay-at-home parents, solo marketeers, middle aged professionals— all are welcome!

Who are Cinch Community Managers?

Our ideal candidates will have the following characteristics:
Leading influencers in their community
For example, community volunteers, local blog writers, and managers of community groups/Facebook pages/email listservs. Experience in a community-related career is a plus.

Social butterflies that love where they live
Personable; passionate about helping local businesses grow; willingness to initiate local events and gatherings; experience in both virtual and in-person community engagement.

Natural leaders possessing an entrepreneurial spirit
The mindset and flexibility to work from home is a must. Skills to manage and lead key figures within the local community. Outgoing and friendly by nature. Professional and trustworthy.

How will Cinch help me build a successful community?

Great tools to grow your network
Our user-friendly tools and technologies will help you grow and scale your network, plus you'll learn how to encourage your users to make their Cinch Mobile Wallet an integral part of their shopping habits.

Monthly budget for community engagement
As a community manager, you have access to a monthly budget for initiating events/meetings/pop-ups to build community pride. You have the freedom to plan events tailored to your community and, once approved by Cinch, the ability to turn your ideas into reality!

A wide variety of marketing materials to encourage dialogue
To help grow communities without upfront investments made by community managers, most of our extensive online marketing operations are led by Cinch headquarters.

We also supply a marketing kit, which includes online marketing material as well as leave-behinds, stickers and other merchandise.

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