Frequently Asked Questions for Businesses

How does Cinch benefit my business?
Cinch brings your business more customers and sales!

Along with our partners, Cinch provides complimentary digital, print and event marketing for your business. We help drive sales, build your customer base, reduce competition, and increase traffic during slow times through the creation of custom offers. Our mission is to support individual communities by keeping money circulating within the local economy. We also give back to local foundations like education and health.

How do I get started?
Just click here! With no registration costs or monthly fees, joining Cinch is risk-free.

I need help with a support issue. Who can I talk to?
Cinch has a dedicated support team that is happy to answer questions and provide any help needed. You can reach out to them here.

How do customers find out about Cinch?
We tell them!
Cinch advertises in local media to ensure our partner businesses are exposed to new customers. The Cinch team regularly holds events in our communities to maintain visibility and spread the word about your business! We also include your business profile in our mobile app so users know who you are and what you do.

You tell them!
We offer in-store handouts and window stickers to ensure your customers know your business accepts Cinch. We also provide built-in marketing tools that allow you to effortlessly set up social media posts, email campaigns, and text message notifications.

How does Cinch track my business’ daily numbers?
We email you daily, weekly, and monthly business reports, which you can use to track all of your transactions made through Cinch. You can also access your business’ personal Cinch Dashboard online at any point.

How do I adjust the rate that I offer to my customers?
We make it easy to adjust rates on your Cinch Dashboard so you can change your current deal with the push of a button. If you prefer to email us about rate adjustments, our support team is always thrilled to hear from you!

How do I receive payments when my customers make transactions with Cinch?
Cinch will wire the funds straight to your business’ bank account within 24 hours.

Does Cinch integrate with POS?
Our POS integration is coming soon! In the meantime, all transactions can be tracked and processed straight through your Cinch Dashboard.

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